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I’ve said my piece about Avril and Hello Kitty and I don’t want to talk about it again goodnight


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Can u explain to me why

the video is awful in the first place with her lips not even matching the track in some points, culturally appropriates Japanese women (nothing on the level of Gwen Stefani or even Katy Perry but still doesn’t make it right), is offensive in it’s usage of another language for a song (if she’s offensive then so is Lady Gaga, Madonna etc for singing in Spanish), generally comes across as a white woman benefiting from someone else’s culture.

I can see where she’s going with it and she truly just loves Japan so much because they treat her like the queen she is but at the same time I don’t think there should have been a video for this at all and she should have done one for a different song instead. You can tell her label wanted a viral video and they got it but it’s all going to culminate in a very critical backlash that unfortunately stains her already deeply waning career.

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shes been getting dragged since her first live performance lmao girl has no singing talent

im not in the mood for this and everyone knows this is a lie im not taking this from someone who thinks that Hilary Duff is a good live singer

Avril is getting DRAGGED by every media outlet and honestly she deserves it, it’s just hard to see your fave make bad mistakes but I hope she learns something valuable from this

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once again bullied by Tony

wer in canada r u from


Why is it bruised?

I got bad head and I deserve better tbh

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What do you think of the hello kitty music video

Um there has been a lot said today. I think it’s half assed she should have put more effort into the dancing and I’m mad at anyone who thought it was Avril’s sole decision to have 4 Japanese backup dancers when it was surely the label’s idea. Also I think her love for Japan (she’s loved it since the first time she’s toured there) is really lost in translation and I think it could have been handled differently. Maybe she should have never filmed a video for this when Give You What You Like and Sippin’ On Sunshine were available.

The guy I went with a beer for tonight was like “do you know about tumblr” and I was like “yeah I love tumblr” and he was like “cool how many followers do you have?” And I didn’t want to say “thousands” so I was like “um like a few hundred” and he was like “whoa that’s crazy I have 23! You’re like tumblr famous!” And I cringed and then cried internally. He then asked for my tumblr and I told him it’s nothing special and just personal and private RIP

Just finished all my exams and getting drunk at home alone looks

Just finished all my exams and getting drunk at home alone looks

Today, my fave became problematic. I will pray for her and shed a few tears tonight

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i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk